7 Unique Gift Ideas To Delight Your Groomsmen

Creative and unique gift ideas for groomsmen include: bobblehead dolls, colognes, vouchers, ticket to special events, money clips, magazine subscriptions, and making personalized gifts.

If choosing a right gift, you always want to be assured that it would be appreciated by the recipient. To make if more appealing, why not give something that is unique, instead of the more conventional gift ideas. We offer you the following suggestions.

Bobblehead dolls

Bobblehead dolls are cute collectible dolls that can make a clever piece of decoration. The most common sorts of bobblehead dolls are sports-related bobblehead dolls and the ones that represent various professions. You can personalize a bobblehead doll and pattern it’s face after a certain someone he idolizes or his even his own face.

Colognes and perfumes

Make your groomsmen more fashionable and suave. You can be lavish an give him signature perfumes and colognes he can use to make him more of a ladies man on special formal events and gatherings. Whenever he would use the perfume, he would remember this as a token from you on your special event.

Vouchers and gift certificates

If you want to give something uncommon; give your groomsmen vouchers, restaurant coupons, or other gift certificates. That way he could enjoy the event with his special someone.

Tickets to special events

Passage to certain events can also delight your groomsmen. Give him ticket to different sporting events if he is a sports fan. If he is into arts and literature, offer him tickets to a musical.

Money clips

Money clips are keen devices for your groomsmen to keep his cash conveniently. Money clips are cute alternatives for those bulky wallets. Money clips come in various trendy and attractive designs made from different materials like leather or metal. Having the money engraved before giving it to him will it more delightful and he would surely appreciate.

Magazine subscriptions

Get your groomsman a subscription to his favorite magazine or other reading materials. Sports journals or gadgets and technology magazines are cool suggestions. It is not necessarily that all tokens must be relevant to the occasion, but it’s the appreciation that should be considered.

Personalized gifts

If you want spend less, give something that is made by yourself. You could knit him a cool sweater or a muffler. Painting a blank white shirt with an artistic design make a clever and less costly token. Also, go for something more unique like doing for him some simple household chores or car repairs.

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